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Rhodium Coins

Rhodium is an extremely rare metal that is in the Platinum group. Presently, due to both its high price and physical properties of extreme brittleness, there are very few coins or disks manufactured commercially in this metal. This rare metal was never placed in circulation as a form of currency. Ownership of just a few ounces would be one way to possess considerable wealth just in the palm of your hand! Because of its brilliance and its unique ability to not corrode, Rhodium is often used as an electroplate coating over white gold jewelry to maintain its luster. The only other metal that exceeds such reflective brilliance is silver which unfortunately tarnishes, but is far less expensive to possess. Rhodium also possesses various types of manufacturing uses in the automotive and electronic industry.

One of the leading producers of bars and coins made principally for industrial and testing purposes is by American Elements, Inc. They also produce investor coins or bars by request. These can also be purchased at Metallium, Inc., a distributor: