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Oervind Currency Systems

Converting Currency at any Business Location!

Oervind Currency Systems is a unique innovation in the currency market. With the use of the internet, Oervind has created a virtual cash register for the world to use. This device can be accessed any day of the year at any time of the day!

What's the Difference between Our Calculator and the others?

The difference between Oervind's calculator and the free calculators available online is subtle yet profound.

1.Oervind accesses the two largest banks in the world every two hours daily to get the latest currency rates available for their customers.

2.Each calculation is built in with an automatic bank exchange rate fee that is passed on to the merchant's customer. This way the merchant doesn't get left "holding the bag" with exchange rate charges since it was already pre-calculated in the transaction with the customer.

3.Using Oervind’s Point-of-Sale and Point-of-Service calculator transactions are a "win-win" for both the merchant and the customer. The customer can now use their native currency in a foreign country and be charged the exchange rate fee only on a per transaction purchase! Now the customer doesn't need to exchange their native currency into foreign currency and then later exchange what is remaining back into their native currency getting hit twice by the banks for exchange rate fees. That’s one exchange rate fee too many!

The merchant who joins Oervind for only $20.00 USD one year renewable membership can benefit in many ways:

First, an Oervind transaction means there are no credit card fees. It is a cash sale exchanging foreign currency.

Secondly, the bank currency exchange fee that the Merchant pays was already charged to the customer and not actually to the Merchant.

In addition, the merchant most likely completed a sale that may not have normally occurred!

Finally, each transaction is recorded and is available online as transaction history which is accessible through the merchants account only. The option to print a receipt for both the customer and the merchant is available at the end of each transaction. A printer must be connected to the computer or local network of course to print the receipt.

Additional Reasons to join Oervind Currency Systems:

  • Increased sales from ability to conduct transactions in multiple currencies with up-to-date foreign currency exchange rates.
  • Quick and accurate calculations in over 38 currencies of the transaction price, amount of currency required, and correct change due in the base currency.
  • On-demand reports of transaction details for merchant analysis and record keeping.
  • Customized marketing tools for merchant display and advertising.
  • Timely alerts regarding counterfeit foreign currency activities.
  • Printable receipts for merchants and customers.
  • Access to the latest in technology tips to help improve a merchant's business.

Coming soon will be the option to send an email of the receipt to the customer and merchant for those who do not have access to a printer at the time of the transaction.

Merchants who operate along border countries or vacation destinations should try this option for foreign exchange, customer receipt, and peace of mind. It may help increase sales that make the annual fee worth its weight in gold!

Imagine being able to use your own native currency in a foreign country at any Oervind Merchant member wholesale or retail shops and stores. If your favorite Merchant doesn’t belong to Oervind ask them “Why not?” It may be the best business idea in years!

Ask your favorite merchant why they haven't joined Oervind. It may be one of their best low cost-high return investments yet!

7 Day Trial Offer! Try it Today!