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Market Watch

A daily market watch on current money related events.

Alan Keyes "Obama is a Radical Communist!"

This is interesting to say the least. Was President Obama born in the U.S.A. or not? Why is there no proof that he was born here just to close this argument? Just show the document and the question is negated.

Jim Rogers on dutch TV pt 2/2 Feb 12 2009

Gerald Celente on the Financial Sense Newshour - 2/7/09 pt1/2

Gerald Celente on the Financial Sense Newshour - 2/7/09 pt 2/2

Ron Paul on C-Span 1-29-2009

Peter Schiff on Kudlow CNBC | 2-11-2009

Dr. Ron Paul on the Senate Stimulus Compromise

Jim Rogers : We Don't Have a Plan 11 Feb 2009

Peter Schiff was right!


Gerald Celente:The economic collapse 2009 (dark times)

2009 will be the year of Total decline for US Jim Rogers

This Market Watch is planned to be updated daily with the possible exception of weekends and holidays when the market is not in session. However, if there are times when something profound is in the news, weekends and holidays are no exception. The greatest exception is when no one is available to post (vacations, illness, no computer, etc.). With those rare times in mind, we humbly apologize ahead of time.

We hope you will take the time to revisit Market Watch page and make it a regular part of your day.


India said to question dollar's international status

A senior official in the Indian government has joined the growing chorus questioning the U.S. dollar's unofficial position as global reserve currency, according a report published Saturday.

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Trade shifting from friend to foe of GDP growth

Believe it or not, the trade sector has helped make the recession less severe. All that is expected to begin to change this week as the trade gap is expected to weigh on growth going forward.

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Biden says administration 'misread' economy

“Vice President Joe Biden said in a broadcast interview Sunday that administration officials "misread how bad the economy was," when the stimulus package was being put together at the beginning of the year.”

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A second half recovery is suddenly not a sure thing

For months, policymakers from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on down told investors that a second-half recovery was a safe bet.

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Treasury’s Summer Rally Not This Year as Traders See Bottleneck

One of the best bets in the $6.45 trillion Treasury market may no longer be such a sure thing.

<a href="http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=asrfDT7ZC8eM",_blank">Read Article

Currency Funds Crushed on Dearth of Market Trends

FX Concepts Inc., the world’s largest currency hedge fund, says it lost 5.4 percent in this year’s first five months. John W. Henry & Co.’s foreign-exchange fund told investors it lost 2 percent, after 2008’s 76 percent gain, the best since its 1986 launching.

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Treasury’s Distressed Debt Plan Said to Begin With $20 Billion

The U.S. Treasury Department may begin its program to spur purchases of mortgage-backed securities from banks with about $20 billion in public and private money, down from as much as $100 billion when it was announced in March, two people familiar with the matter said.

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Russia, India Question Dollar Reliance Before Summit

Russia and India said the world economy is too reliant on the U.S. dollar and called for changes in how $6.5 trillion in currency reserves are managed, as Group of Eight leaders prepare to meet this week.

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Venezuela assumes control of bank

Venezuela has taken formal control of its third largest bank, the previously Spanish-owned Banco de Venezuela.

<a href="http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8134164.stm",_blank"> Read Article

US job losses worse than expected

The number of jobs lost in the US last month came in at 467,000, which was much more than had been expected.

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China 'agrees huge Zimbabwe loan'!

China has agreed to give Zimbabwe a loan of $950m (£573m) to help it revive its battered economy, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has said.

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Small business lending falls sharply

In its first full quarter since the Recovery Act kicked in, the SBA still backed 30% fewer small business loans than it did a year ago.

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Chrysler names remaining directors to new board

Chrysler names rest of 9-member board of directors following Fiat alliance, bankruptcy exit

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More Americans On The Hunt For Gold

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Preserve Your Wealth with Precious Metals

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Next stop for Gold is $2,100 not $1,300

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Reviving an Old Silver Investment

Silver investors over the last seven years have been on a rollercoaster ride as silver has bucked like a bronco to move between various price extremes with a rapidity not often seen in other asset classes.

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