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Unusual Currency of Interest!

Celtic Ring Money

The debate is on and the jury is still out. Is this truly Celtic Ring Money or did the Celts like to make lots of rings for other uses?

It is true the rings could easily be used with ropes to hold up their pants or harness a horse. Let's face it, there are many different uses for metal rings! I suppose since this thought is fresh in our minds, donít you think they thought of that as well? Therefore, the rings could have maintained value with all its possible uses and one of them could have been as a type of money! Your guess is as good as anyones.

Disney Currency

Disney Dollars have been in circulation since 1987 when Walt Disney Corporation made them available for use in their Theme Parks in equal exchange for U.S. Dollars. They are still in use and legal tender only in the parks and in the Disney Stores which is allowable with U.S. Government rules and regulations. Disney profited from this idea since many collectors exchanged for actual U.S. dollars and kept them as part of their collection.

The most common paper currency printed has been the $1.00, $5.00, and the $10.00 bill. There was one year (2005) the $50.00 dollar bill was released, but it hasn't been printed since then. There were also a few years no Disney bills were ever printed ( 1994, 2004, and 2006 ). Many of these bills do circulate at times at the parks, but there are also a lot of them that get lost or misplaced over time as mementos tend to get put away or thrown out.

Note: There is a rumor that Disney may produce currency for the other Theme Parks in Europe and Asia based on their currency and not the U.S. Dollar. This is due to the tremendous fluctuation and loss in value the dollar has seen in recent times compared to the other currencies such as the Euro.

There is a pretty neat site that depicts all the Disney Dollars that were produced for use at the Disney Parks. Click to this Disney Dollars site and enjoy the variety of dollars that Disney had created for collectors and consumer alike.

British Cartwheel Pennies

The largest legal tender copper coins were minted in Great Britain in 1797 for King George III. They were the One Penny or one pence and the Two Penny or twopence coins. These coins were soon "coined the term" (pardon the pun) "Cartwheel" pennies by the people who used these coins.