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Gold-Chart for Gold Coin Content & Value




This is a gold-chart coin calculator to help you find out what the gold content and value of your coin is according to the market price. This is bullion value only, not numismatic value. If you think your coin has numismatic value, which many rare gold coins do have, then please check the date in a up-to-date book, magazine, or reliable dealer website for its value. Numismatic value may exceed bullion value many times over. Most of the information was taken from " Rennicks Gold Coin Values" by Dion H Skinner but should taken as a guide only.

To use it, find out the current gold spot price from the Kitco charts below and enter it into the space provided, click the " Update Spot" button, then look down the list for your coin.

Since Ebay uses mainly $US, $AUD and UK Pounds, these are the only charts here. If you need another currency ( Euros, Yen etc ), then go to Kitco and follow the links to the appropriate chart.