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Gold Coins

Gold jewelry and coins are the result of these gold finds that are refined into either a pure 24-karat gold bullion coin or alloyed with silver or copper as a 22-karat coin to retain a hardness to resist wear during circulation. Jewelry is often made in 10 Karat, 14 Karat, and even 18 Karat usually alloyed with copper to resist wear. You can see the Karat weight on jewelry stamped in some small inconspicuous place.

Older gold coins vary in sizes and contents of gold alloy. It is best to view a gold coin chart to determine the amount of gold content that is in each type of coin. The more modern gold coins are mostly minted in a standard weight from a troy ounce down to a tenth of an ounce (troy) in weight. These type of coins are listed as bullion coins even though many now bear a denomination. The actual value of all gold coins is based on the current price of bullion. The only exception is for numismatic rare coins. These often bear a value much greater than a bullion coin because of their scarcity.



US Dollar will default in 2009 1/3

US Dollar will default in 2009 2/3

US Dollar will default in 2009 3/3