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Gem Stones and Jewels

Jewels and Gemstones. What’s the difference?

Jewels are gemstones that are perceived to be the best of the Gems. Otherwise, jewels are the same as gems, just a different name. Gemstones do not need to be cut and polished to be considered a gem, but jewels are cut and polished. Jewelry is usually designed to be worn and displayed by a person. Not all jewelry possesses gems or are all gems considered to be jewelry unless displayed as such. Therefore the word jewelry that possesses the root word “Jewel” is not necessarily true to its word. Jewelry can be made of precious metals only and contain absolutely no jewels.

Jewels and Gems are made of precious and semi-precious minerals. These minerals are hard to find and possess an economic value worthy of exchange to possess. Just like a coin with a rare date or mint mark is more valuable than the same coin with a more common date or mint mark. The jewel or gem is usually more valuable when cut properly and if it possesses the fewest imperfections within the stone. Some types of gems must also pass a clarity test such as diamonds to maintain a higher value. Emeralds possess imperfections and would be considered an imitation if it were free from any flaws.

Unless you are schooled with the knowledge of identifying true gems from synthetic stones or you know a reputable dealer who does, then it would not be recommended to purchase large quantities of stones as investments. Tremendous amounts of synthetic stones or fake glass gems exist to be passed off as genuine to those who are unknowing. Definitely know what you are doing if you enter this market of investing in gems and jewels.