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About Us

Hello! Again we welcome you to CurrencyHelp! and our "About Us" page. This information site is all about currency and anything related. It will be an ongoing site with constant changes and new pages added as our world's currency changes.

We are the people of Oervind Currency Systems. We are a new business with a goal to help both Merchant and Customer everywhere and anywhere around the world who may have access to the internet and the desire to purchase or sell a product through a point-of-service or point-of-sale (POS) transaction.

We're there for both the customer and Merchant to do business in person with foreign currency as the means of exchange. Please remember that the exchange fee is automatically added into the calculation so the customer is charged the bank's fee that the merchant will pay when exchanging the foreign currency at their local bank.

To receive a receipt of sale is normal with most native currency transactions, but now it can be just like a regular sale with Oervind generating the receipt for you. All you need is a printer attached to your computer.

Is this page also a sales pitch? Yes! We won't steer you wrong because (at $36.00 USD per year) we think we have a great product to help complete a sale that may not otherwise been consummated without Oervind. Overall, we think we have a product that may actually save both the customer and the merchant money, plus add to sales daily depending on your clientele!

The balance of this site is focused on information for those who need it. We hope this site will help you and be a constant resource for you.

If you wish to visit our business site to learn more about us, click on http://www.oervind.com

If you have any questions concerning this information site or Oervind's business site,you may email us at: marketing@oervind.com

On behalf of Oervind Currency Systems we thank you for visiting! Have a super day!